Under 14 Football – Araluen Lutheran Camp Anglesea – 26/27 March 2022


Retreat details:

Event: St Mary’s U14 Football Retreat
Where: Araluen Lutheran Camp Anglesea
When: Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th March 2022
$100.00 per child (incl. bus, dinner, breakfast ,overnight accommodation and activities)
What to bring: Sleeping bag, pillow, toiletries

  • Parents drop off at St Mary’s Clubrooms Saturday 26th March 2022 at 9.30am. Bring packed lunch for Saturday.
  • Parents pick up from Clubrooms Sunday 27th March 2022 at 11:30am.

2022 - U14 Camp Form

  • Camp registration details:

    This form must be completed by a parent/guardian/carer that has lawful authority in relation to the child. Please notify St Mary’s Sporting Club of any change of address, phone number or medical information. We aim to provide your child with care of the highest standard within a safe, secure and stimulating environment. St Mary’s Sporting Club representatives and parents assisting at the camp will be required to have a Working with Children Check and a First Aid qualified representative will be on hand at all times throughout the camp.
  • Member/Player

  • Player only
  • Parent/Guardian details:

  • Medical and health information:

  • Medicare number including final digit card number.
    If your child has a dietary requirement please include below. If this requirement is due to an allergy please complete the dietary requirement section and the allergy section.
  • Provide full details
    If YES – a Webster pack containing the prescribed tablets from your chemist MUST be provided when your child is dropped off. If a Webster pack is not provided the child will not be able to attend camp. All medications (prescription or over the counter) must be in the original packaging. If your child is on any other prescription medication (such as syrup, ointment, Ventolin/Asthma puffer, spray or cream) a letter must be supplied by the parent/guardian giving permission for St Mary’s representatives to give your child their medication, plus dosage and times.
    If your child is allergic to any medication, food or something else, please describe your child’s condition, any signs and symptoms of the allergy or sensitivity and how you would prefer our representatives to respond.
  • Please provide full details of the allergy including Type, Signs, Symptoms and preferred treatment. If the allergy is severe you must upload an Alergy Action Plan.
  • Max. file size: 24 MB.
  • Max. file size: 24 MB.
    If yes please provide details
    I declare that I/my child is not experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms and I have not been a close contact. If I experience any symptoms, or a household contact has symptoms, I will not attend the camp, unless I have a negative Rapid Antigen Test.
    We may need to use a wide variety of sunscreens and insect repellents. If your child requires a specific brand please provide this in a clearly named and labelled container. These should be given to a St Mary's representative at the start of the camp. If my child has lice/nits, I agree to collect from camp immediately.
  • Emergency Contact

    Please nominate someone at a different address to where your child lives to collect your child in case of an emergency or inappropriate behaviour. Identification must be produced on request to a St Mary's representative.
  • Declaration:

    Your child may be photographed or videoed whilst at the Camp and these photos may be included in a camp DVD. A selection of these photos/videos may be used for historical or promotional materials or included on the St Marys Sporting Club website. No identifying personal information will be released.
    I DECLARE that the above particulars are, to the best of my knowledge, and belief, true and correct. AUTHORITY of the child referred to in this enrolment form, declare that the information provided for the purpose of this enrolment is true and correct and that I undertake to immediately inform the ST MARYS SPORTING CLUB in the event of any change to this information I agree to collect or make arrangements for the collection of the child referred to in this enrolment form if she/he becomes unwell or for inappropriate behaviour. In the event of my child contracting an illness or requiring medical attention, I authorise the person in charge to act as considered necessary in the interests of my child. I will reimburse any necessary expenses incurred by the St Marys Sporting Club. We support the Club in it’s undertakings and Codes of Conduct, Policies, Guidelines and Privacy Policy.
    ST MARYS SPORTING CLUB acknowledges and respects privacy of individuals. The information that is being collected on this document is for the purposes of processing your enrolment in a ST MARYS SPORTING CLUB external activity. The personal information collected is of the parents/guardians/carers and the child attending the camp. By completing this form, ST MARYS SPORTING CLUB accepts that the parents/guardians/carers of the child have consented for this information to be collected. The intended recipients of this information are ST MARYS SPORTING CLUB and its authorised representatives. You have the right to access and alter personal information concerning yourself and/or your child in accordance with the Commonwealth Privacy Act (Amended 2001). NOTE: If you choose not to have your personal information transferred to medical professionals, your child's first aid treatment may be restricted.