Employment Network Opportunities Session

As part of the St Mary’s Development Program we are looking to see ways we can support our players in both football and netball utilising the club network to help find employment. Not many people would realise that out of our current senior football playing list, there are 28 players who have gained employment through a club contact.

We are looking to see how we can continue this support by creating a database and run some sessions for players who are interested in connecting with people within the club network. We are going to kick off with an employment network session on Tuesday August 13th at 7.30pm run by former players Tom Gilligan and David Batson and also Sally Flynn who have forged successful careers from different backgrounds. Whilst the session is open to all club members, it is aimed at players aged 15-25 including their parents

The objective of the session is to provide players with information about the employment network opportunities that exist within our sporting club and provide examples of Non-Traditional Career pathways via guest speakers where career progression is not always vertical and that goals can be achieved by exploring opportunities. The club will also be establishing a database of job interests so when employers within the club are looking for employees we know who we can target for discussions.

Whilst there is no guarantee for jobs, what is clear in the Geelong region is that to get to interview stage is the hardest part in getting a job and hopefully this is where these networks can get you to the stage of having this opportunity.

Session will be at the club rooms and commence at 7.30pm. G Force will be in attendance to talk about apprenticeship opportunities and then a panel discussion in regards to opportunities for those post university and the different pathways that apply.

This is an introductory session and will not go for longer than an hour.

Free pizza and soft drink will be provided for all in attendance, we also encourage parents to come along to support their children. To get a rough gauge for catering purposes could you please RSVP to info@stmaryssc.com

Apologies for short notice but season is running out of time.