St Mary’s Weekly Draw Fundraiser

Our weekly draw is back on season 2023 and all tickets are now sold !

Our weekly winners will be posted below.

  • Maximum 100 tickets sold.
  • 20 weeks – $20 per week. (Can share a ticket with a friend)


  • 1st prize – $500 * 15 weeks / $1000 * 5 weeks (May 4, June 1, July 6, Aug 3, Sept 7)
  • 2nd Prize – $100 bar / canteen voucher
  • 3rd prize – $50 bar / canteen voucher
  • Mystery Prize

From 1st June, for 14 weeks we will also be having a $100.00 cash weekly draw. You must be there to win it.
It will jackpot each week if the winner is not present.

Draw every Thursday night at approx. 8pm after meals and just prior to teams being read out.
We will commence Thursday 13 April with 2 draws, after all tickets sold. Ticket holders receive first drink for free on a Thursday night with teas.

Payment – you can pay Kevin or Matt on a Thursday night or home game OR you can set up a weekly direct deposit of $20 per week OR pay full amount to following bank account. For reference please put for name and weekly draw e.g. Jock McM weekly draw.

St Marys Sporting Club Geelong
BSB 063 871
Acct 10110728

St Mary's 2023 Weekly Draw Prize Winners

120/04/2023$500 - Tim DobbynAmbrose RyanFreddy DobsonLadies Jacket -
Loretta Rimmer/Andrea Douglas
220/04/2023$500 - Little Jock's kidsShane SpoorsFiona GreigGin & Tonic Cans - Tim Dobbyn
327/04/2023$500 - "The Punters Club"Cooper HoskingMal DurrantDomino's Voucher - Stan Stewart
404/05/2023$500 - Graham Forster & John GiuffridaPhil WilsonLachie Gilligan 6 pack stubbies- BKT
511/05/2023$1,000 - Cooper HoskingPhil WilsonSam Hosking6 pack stubbies - Sally Flynn
618/05/2023$500 - Shiona & Russ McMahonPeter McMahonGary BiggsCrayfish -Craig Travers
725/05/2023$500 - John & Liz PuntonLenny HoggNick Hosking6 pack stubbies - Simon Hill
801/06/2023$500 - Kevin DunstanJack ReddenFiona Crompton$200 Cash
Winner Not Present
908/06/2023$1,000 Brian GaylardJason FlynnShiona & Russ McMahon$300 Cash
Winner Not Present
1015/06/2023$500 Ian McMullinDamo & JarrydBrian Gaylard$400 Cash
Winner not present
1121/06/2023$500 - Dillon BrothersMarty ChristensenDavid Vivian6 pack stubbies - Tim Dobbyn
1206/07/2023$500 - Ian McMullinShane SpoorsPeter McMahon$500
Winner not present
1313/7/2023$1,000 Ray ErwinGary BiggsSimone Williams$600
Winner not present
1420/07/2023$500 Fiona CromptonFozAmanda Fkynn$700
Winner not present
1527/07/2023$500 Jason FlynnLeanne SaundersDamo/Jarryd Garner$800
Cooper Hosking
1603/08/2023$500 Little JockMal DurrantBKT$100
Winner Not Present
1710/08/2023$1,000 Jock McMahonMargot McMahonSimone Williams$100 Buckley's Voucher
Fiona Crompton
1817/08/2023$1,000 Craig TraversPhil WilsonPeter Crawford$200
Winner Not Present
1924/08/2023$500 Paul PeckDennis DavieBKT$300
Winner Not Present
2007/09/2023$1,000 Mary HetheringtonTim McMahonShane Spoors$400
Ron Hosking