Football League Registration – 2024

Existing St Mary’s players returning to play

To begin – hit “Register” and then “Get Started”

If you played last year, you will already have a current Play HQ account. Login to your Play HQ account and you will see your (child’s) name and you can walk through and register.

 If you have any problem with the process please contact via email and provide your mobile number and we will call you to assist. Please don’t make a new profile if you have played previously.

Once the League Registration has been completed, you will be required to pay your St Mary’s Club Membership.

New Players Football
Played before but with another club

If you have played for another club before and want to register with St Mary’s, you will need to request a clearance.

Player clearances opened as of 01/02/24. The process with Play HQ is that the player is responsible for lodging the transfer. If you are a player wanting to come across to St Mary’s, you need to use the St Mary’s registration link below .

St Mary’s Link:

You will be prompted to log in to your Play HQ account or you will need to make a new Play HQ account (if you haven’t already got one through another sport). Once logged in, you complete the registration as normal and then once the system recognises the player via name, DOB and gender, it will pop up a message : “You’re attempting to register to a new club. You will need to submit a transfer request to proceed”

If you do not receive this message, please do not continue. Please email and provide your name, DOB and previous club

You then hit : Get Started” and you will receive the following information about the next steps .

“Your request will now be reviewed by your current club, new club and associations. You will receive notification indicating if your request was approved or declined ” If approved – ” Your registration to your current club will be cancelled ” You will be asked to complete your registration to your new club”  If player happy with that, they press “submit transfer request”. Clearances then goes through the normal process and once ticked off by all parties, the player then has to complete the new club registration form.

New Player Football – Not played befoRE OR TRANSITIONing FROM AUSKICK

The League has a minimum age for footballers to begin in Under 9 – children must be born on or before 30/04/17 to play in Season 2024.

You will need to use the St Mary’s link below and create a Play HQ account or login to your existing account, and complete registration

St Mary’s Link:

Once the League Registration has been completed.  then go to Step 2 below to pay your St Mary’s Membership.


STEP 2: – Payment of Club Membership

Choose the Membership type that is best for you 

Pay your Club Membership Here