St Mary’s Sporting Club Pavilion Upgrade

Since the early 1900’s St. Mary’s have called Anthony Costa oval at West Kardinia Park our home. Over the past 20 years the club has had massive growth.

If you drive past you will see that the main redevelopment of the Don Mathieson Pavilion has now been completed and once COVID 19 restrictions are lifted, the facility will cater for all of our members and community groups who utilise the facility.

The completion of the rooms will bring the total development for the club over the past 4 years to over $3m. A summary of development is as follows:

Electronic scoreboard (completed) $25,000  
Lights for night football (completed)  $375,000
Safety nets behind goals (completed)$38,000
Female / accessible rooms (completed)$113,000
New multipurpose facility$2,500,000

Plan Group undertook the project and below are project updates we received on a regular basis – click on the links below to view the progress.

The original drawings of the proposed clubrooms can be viewed here

Watch the progress of the re development here

St Mary’s has done an enormous amount of work planning and working to fund all of the development work. The club has had an infrastructure account in place for over 10 years where significant funds have been saved in planning for the development. The club has also been fortunate to receive a $1.1m grant from the Victorian Government, $350,000 from COGG along with fantastic support from Elaine and Tony Costa to raise funds for the project.

Whilst the club is still looking at all avenues to raise more funds through grants etc. the current forecast is the club will face a shortfall of around approximately $30,000 in total funds. We are yet to complete an extension to the north end of the change rooms which will supply us with much needed extra storage space.

We have had a great response to our original fundraising goal of $200,000 to enable us to fully complete the project without the need for a loan.

We have received donations through our Australian Sports Foundation fund but also received donations of goods and services which currently has us approx. $30k short of our target which is remarkable for what will be a $2.7m development with a club contribution of over $1.2m.

Please consider donating to help us reach our final goal. Donations made through the Australian Sports Foundation are tax deductible for individuals and companies.

This is your opportunity to contribute to a wonderful community asset and have your involvement recognised for future generations to see.

As well as making your donation, we urge you to please pass this on to family and friends who have any connection with the St. Mary’s Sporting Club community!

Any donation amount is appreciated however a Foundation Wall will be established in our new rooms for donations as follows –

  • Diamond: $10,000
  • Emerald: $7,500
  • Gold:  $5,000
  • Silver: $2,500
  • Bronze $1,000

However no amount is too small, anything you can afford will be appreciated.

Donations can be accepted below or if you would prefer to talk to a club representative please contact Kevin McMahon on 0457 507 202 or Jock McMahon on 0419 133 282.

You also download a manual donation form here.