Senior Football Trip to Adelaide

Recently our coaching staff and leadership group had their second trip to Adelaide to spend some time with some of the AFL clubs and personnel as a growth opportunity that focused predominantly on leadership and relationships. Over two days the guys spent time with Port Adelaide, Norwood, Adelaide Crows, sports psychologist Jenny Williams and finished a few fitness sessions that included beach hills and orange theory fitness where training is designed around heart rate zones.

At Port they listened to reserves and seniors coaches Matthew Lokan and Ken Hinkley about game plan and relationships. Norwood who similarly lost last year’s Grand Final spoke about focusing on all the good things that got them to the grand final and what “tweaks” they have changed. Jenny was all about the mental side of sport and how to get the best out of your playing group. Heath Younie was extremely well prepared where he presented for 2 hours over power point and really honed in on opportunities for our leaders and how they are implementing that at the Crows.

An awesome weekend for the entire group and the common theme to come out of the weekend was keep doing lots of the things that are clearly working to be able to reach 3 grand finals. Yes we need to tweak a few things but not a lot is broken, so it is back on the bike and the next 7 months present an opportunity for our coaches and more so leaders to implement some of the learnings they would have taken home from that weekend. #risklosingitagain