Geelong Football & Netball Clubs – Blood Rivals Competition 2019

St Mary’s Sporting Club are proud to be involved in the very first Geelong Football & Netball Clubs – Blood Rivals Competition. 

It’s simple to get involved, all you need to do is donate blood.

Did you know that Australia needs more than 25,000 blood donations each and every week to ensure the nation’s blood supply and, that one in three of us will need blood at some stage of our life?

Let’s show the league that our club is the most generous!

How to get involved?

• Individuals then just need to book their appointment to give blood at any donor centre in Australia.

• For every one donation made, one will be added to your club’s tally.

How does a players / member’s donation count?

• When a player / member is at the Donor Centre donating, they can request to have their donation counted towards the Club,

• Or, individuals can register themselves online at

What it means for your club?

• Being actively involved in supporting your local community,

• A great team morale boosting activity,

• Share and be proud of your life-saving contribution,

• Recognition for being a ‘life-saving’ club.

Where to donate & how to make an appointment?

• Geelong Donor Centre; 237 Ryrie Street, Geelong

• call 13 14 95 or visit

Awards will be awarded to:

• Club with the highest total donations

• Club with the most new donors