Junior Football

St Mary’s runs a large junior football program and we operate in the AFL Barwon League. We also offer Auskick which is run through the AFL and NAB. More details of our Auskick program can be found here.

In the 2019 season we fielded the following teams and 2020 should see something similar:

Under 94 teams
Under 101 team
Under 112 teams
Under 134 teams
Under 152 teams
Under 172 teams

The minimum age to start playing Under 9 – players must be born on or before the 30/4/13. Full details of all age group cut offs can be found here.

Structure of Junior Program

Due to the number of teams involved, in 2020 we will implementing joint Junior Football Directors to run the programs –

  • Under 9-11 including Auskick is Damian McKeegan.
  • Under 13 – 17 – Brendan Kors

Each age group will also have it’s own co-ordinator and each team will have coach, team manager, trainers (if required) .

It is a requirement that anyone working directly with children under 18 will need to have a valid Working with Children’s check (WWC) and the club will need to ask for this prior to the start of the season.

Team Selection

Generally for under 9 through to Under 11 (where possible) children are based in teams according to friendship groups and schools. This is to encourage participation. The competition does not involve scoring and there are no finals.

In Under 13 through to Under 17 the players are graded and placed in teams according to their level of development.

The whole competition is graded in these age groups. Eg Under 13 Div 1, Under 13 Div 2.

Once the teams are selected, they are then entered into the appropriate division and there is a “grading period” where it is monitored to see if the team is in the correct division.

Training & Playing Days/Times

Under 9-11 : Training is held on a Thursday Night at St Mary’s Anthony Costa Oval and runs from 4pm – 5pm. Details will later be released of the first training dates

The games can be played both on Friday nights and Saturday Mornings. The first round for the junior program starts Friday April 17 2020.

Under 13 : In season training is held at Fryers Reserve in Fyans St Newtown on a Tuesday & Thursday from 4pm – 5pm. Games are likely to be held on a Sunday.

Under 15 : Training is starting on Thursday 6th Feb from 4.30pm to 6pm on either Anthony Costa Oval or the Cricket oval. There will also be Tuesday night training to begin later.
Under 15 games are likely to all be played on Sundays.

Under 17 : Training is held at St Mary’s Anthony Costa Oval on a Monday & Wednesday Night night from 4.30pm – 6.00pm. This year games will take place on a Saturday morning usually at 8am.

League Registration and Club Membership

Each player, coach and team manager is required to be registered with the league through the Sports Tg system – this does not involve any payment.

Prior to playing a game, each player has to have paid their St Mary’s Club Membership. More details can be found here.

2020 Team Information – in progress

Under 9
Under 9
Under 9
Under 9
Under 10
Under 10
Under 11
Under 13Noel Reilly, Nathan JohnsonLeigh Harry
Under 13Wade Vautier, Jarrod Reynolds
Under 13Adam Worsley
Under 15 Div 1Darren Chirgwin
Under 15Simon Hill
Under 17TBC
Under 17Ray Erwin/Anthony Bartolo
Under 9Tash Heffernan
Under 10Jamie Crimmins
Under 11Matt Grapsas
Under 13Simone Tanis
Under 15Paul Gregor
Under 17

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