Junior Netball Finals Update

We would like to congratulate all the teams on their season.  We have a large number of teams and everyone has again worked very hard to ensure a successful season both on and off the courts.  We sincerely thank all coaches and teams managers for their hard work and support this season. We also thank all parents, supporters and players.

Congratulations to you all on making your respective finals.  This season we had 17 teams playing Friday night, including our new All Abilities team.  In finals we 11 teams participating.  This is a great job by all.  For those teams that missed out on finals some only missed by the smallest margins, we congratulate you all.

Our four 11U teams will participate in their final carnival this Sunday – if you are free please show your support – details are on our Facebook page.

Our final semi finals schedule for this Friday night is below.  We wish all our teams the very best.  As some games are St Mary’s v St Mary’s we trust that players, parents and supporters will all remember they are wearing the same colour and support both sides in an appropriate manner.

Time:     Game           Teams                                            Court
4:30pm  13/U Div 4    St Marys 3 V St Marys 4                   2
4:30pm  15/U Div 4    St Marys 5 V St Marys 4                   3
4:30pm  15/U Div 3    St Marys 1 V South Barwon              4
4:30pm  17/U Div 3    Newtown & Chilwell V St Marys 1      5
5:30pm  All Abilities    Grovedale V St Marys                       2
5:30pm  15/U Div 4     Bannockburn V Newtown                 3
5:30pm  15/U Div 3     St Mary’s 2 V Torquay 1                   4
5:30pm  13/U Div 3     Torquay 1 V St Marys Green            5
5:30pm  13/ U Div 4    South Barwon 2 V St Marys 6           6
5:30pm  13/ U Div 5    St Marys 5 V Torquay 4                    7