OPTIONAL Sunday Morning Training Sessions November & December 2015 (Run, Swim, Light Ball work) will recommence on Sunday mornings at Eastern Beach starting @ 9.30am.

The first session is scheduled for Sunday 15 November.  Meet on the flat grass near the Pool area – and remember to bring a towel for a swim afterwards.

NOTE: We understand that many boys will already be playing other sports or participate in other activities over Summer that keep them occupied. On that basis, we would like to stress that any sessions up until the start of defined season training are purely optional and will be designed to help foster fitness, fun, practicing proper technique and a positive team culture.  Other information is available on our website – please keep checking as it is updated regularly.

If any players who receive this email are not intending to play for St Marys this year, could you please advise Kevin McMahon and share your reason why. Firstly, it helps us understand the reasons why that is the case, as we never want to lose players from our club, and secondly it assists us with planning of the number of teams/players we may have for the year.

At this stage we believe it could be 3 or 4 teams at U16 level, but that will depend on overall numbers.