Footy Boot Swap/Sale

footy boots

As our children grow so quickly it becomes very expensive to buy new football boots each year.

A parent from the U16 group has come up with a fantastic idea.

As so many good boots are grown out of we are looking to set up a program to do two things help parents save $$$ and also help the needy kids in South Africa who we visit bi annually in our U16 / U17 cultural exchange trip.

How this will work – This will be run by the U16 / U17 players going on the Sth African trip.

  • You can drop any old boots off to the club with your name on them if you would like a $$ return.
  • All boots will be sold for $10 with $5 going back to the person with names on the boot and $5 towards the Sth African trip
  • If no name supplied $10 going back to the Sth African trip

This is a program the club wants to set up each year to reduce the costs for parents playing football plus help with the overseas trips for our netball and footballers every 2nd year.

All boots not sold will be taken over to South Africa in September and given to the children in Sth Africa who are not fortunate to have boots.

Anyone who has boots can drop down on Sunday on registration day with their name on their boots. Boots can also be dropped off during the week from 4.30pm at the clubrooms.

It is intended the major sale of boots will occur on Sunday March 6 on the same day as the family day 20 – 20 cricket games being played by senior and U18 footballers.