Footy shorts clarification and ordering

There has been some mixed messages in relation to footy shorts for season 2016. We apologise for the mix up, whilst we have limited shorts in stock we were under the impression that St.Mary’s footy shorts would be stocked at local  stores.

This now will not be the case, stores will no longer buy in club shorts and are running down their stock with discounted pricing. All St.Mary’s shorts in both stores have been sold. . The club will have to specifically order shorts for the 2016 season through AFL Barwon.

There are 2 types of shorts you can purchase:
Custom design shorts – Which includes the St.Mary’s logo and other required logos – price $40 (delivery time 4-6 weeks)
Off the shelf shorts – Which include the required logos from the league. – Price $35 (delivery time 2 weeks)
You will note these prices are higher than what we had on registration day as De Grandi sold us marked down costs for their in stock shorts. Off the shelf shorts retail for $45 at De Grandis. We are pricing based on cost through football Geelong.

At this stage U14 and U16 top two divisions will also be wearing white shorts for away games.

Away (white) shorts are required for 18’s and seniors.

Sizes available are: Size 3 extra small, Size 2 extra small, Size 1 extra small, Extra small, Small, Medium, Large, 2 extra large, 3 extra large.

If anyone requires shorts to be ordered could you please email Kevin McMahon asap advising style , size required and colour –