U16 Game Team List Sunday 3rd April 2016

U16 Practice Matches V St Josephs

Sunday 3rd April at St Josephs Football Ground (Drew Reserve)

There will be 2 games with the first one at 9.30am and the second at 11.30am.

1st Squad – 9.30am Game. All Players to be at the ground no later than 9.00am


Thomas Courtney
Liam Zavaglia
Ryan Jackman
Riley McDonald
Connor Fopiani
Ty Williams
Sean Neylan
Thomas O’Brien-Henderson
Tom Biggs
Jack Royce
Mason Andrews
Kim Chan
Benjamin Minge
Nicholas Walpole
Jeremy Brice
Tom Willson
Will Magher
William Robson
Thomas Sirgiannis
Jack Benstead
Joel Burns
Zeek Relouw
Joel Andrews-Stacey
Nick Fallaw
Ryan Hamers
Liam Johnson
Cody Farnham
Billy Rowe
Thomas Hartney
Tyler Black
Gerard O’Connor
Mitchell Hovey
Jake Stephens


2nd Squad – 11.30 Game. All Players to be at the ground no later than 10.30. If you can be there earlier to support players in the 1st game, that would be great.


Will Batson
Darcy Chirgwin
Brayden Maurer
Benjamin McMahon
Hugh Nelson
Blake Ritchie
Charlie Walter
Jacob Watson
Sam Bourke
Will Farrow
Nick Conway
Lachie Peck
Charlie Travers
Ryan Brach
Zachary Kupsch
Hunter Lovell
Ben Morton
Tom Welsh
Mackenzie Fraser
Nathan Bolger
Joseph Flintoff
James Larkins
Tristan Moreland
Colm O’Connor
James Fulton
Max Visintin
Thomas Keast
Seamus Schroeder
Samuel Christensen

Jay             Dahlhaus


**If you are not named in either side please contact me for clarification on which team you are in, Also if you are unavailable and haven’t yet notified me, please do so as soon as possible.

Contact: Darren Chirgwin 0419 757 933.


REMINDER: Daylight Savings finishes on Saturday night.