2016 Senior Presentation Night


Our Senior Presentation Night was held on Friday 7th October and a great night was enjoyed by all. Congratulations to the award winners and to all our players and club members who make St Mary’s the great club that it is.

Awards winners were –

Football Milestone Games

50 Games –

  • Callen Wade
  • Tom Gillies
  • Zak Sherman

100 Games

  • Damian Fazio
  • Alex Snowdon
  • AJ Davie
  • Matt Hebbard

150 Games

  • Brenton Snowdon
  • Marc O’Donohue

Reserves football awards

Reserves B & F Marc O’Donohue
Reserves B & F runner up AJ Davie
Reserves Most consistent Sam Hosking
Reserves most determined Hamish Scott
Reserves most improved Ben Webb
Reserves coaches award Keegan Doherty
Best In Finals AJ Davie

Senior netball awards

U19’s B & F Stephanie Clifford
U19’s B & F runner up Bonnie-Lee Burley
U19’s coaches award Hannah Plummer
Best In Finals Stephanie Clifford
D grade B & F Eliza Fitzpatrick
D grade B & F runner up Madeline Doherty
D grade Coaches award Ash Pantazis
Best In Finals Meg Evenden
C grade B & F Stephanie Clifford
C grade B & F runner up Ebony Coppock
C grade Coaches Award Laura Ellis
Best in Finals Stephanie Clifford
B grade B & F Lucy Bishop
B grade B & F runner up Meg Blood
B grade Coaches Award Claudia Conway
Best in finals Lizzie Slatery
A grade B & F Renee Garing
A grade B & F runner up Kate Fowles
A grade Coaches award Hannah Van Gemst
Best in finals Claudia Conway

Senior football awards

Senior B & F Ryley Hall
Senior B & F runner up Zak Sherman
Jarryd Garner
Senior most consistent Jake Welsh
Senior most determined Jake Welsh
Senior most improved Jessie Travaligni
Senior coaches award Nick Connors
Senior best in finals Jarryd Garner
Senior players player of the year Jake Welsh
Best from Colts Tom Lang

Club Awards

Halo Award Zak Sherman
Bill Holahan Award ( trainers award) Nick Connors
Matt Goggin Award ( Most Dedicated) Callen Wade
Mons. O’Regan Award (Most Exemplary) Mitch Etherton
Fiona Biggs Award Maddie Koehler
Presidents Award Ron Ling