Announcing SMSC 15U Junior Netball 2017

Please find below the 2017 15U team listing.  Teams are listed alphabetically and will be graded according to grading rounds and 2016 results. Emails will be sent to all teams with details of training and calling for volunteers to support coaching and team managers.  If you have any concerns please email  

Team Name 1: (First) Name 1: (Last)
 DIV 1 Tess Campigli
 DIV 1 Georgie Cullen
 DIV 1 Eliza Day
 DIV 1 Elizabeth Dowling
 DIV 1 Ruby Downes
 DIV 1 Chloe Doyle
 DIV 1 Lillie Greig
 DIV 1 Phoenix Hare-Zen
 DIV 1 Eliza Keast
 DIV 1 Jessica Loftus
 Div 2 Isabelle Aitken
 Div 2 Olympia Boxer
 Div 2 Harriet Braley
 Div 2 Eliza Brown
 Div 2 Alex Butcher
 Div 2 Meg Courtney
 Div 2 Ruby McVilly
 Div 2 Madison  Old
 Div 2 Makaylah Watts
 Div 2 Charlotte West
BLUE Claudia Anglin
BLUE Elly Davis
BLUE Ashton Dunn
BLUE Grace Murphy
BLUE Georgie Peck
BLUE Rhiarn Shaw
BLUE Isabel Walpole
BLUE Esther Wharton
BLUE Kiah Williams
FLYERS Sophie Campbell
FLYERS Lily Cockram
FLYERS Amelia Jackson
FLYERS Grace King
FLYERS Billie Kovac
FLYERS Brienna Richmond
FLYERS Grace Rimmer
FLYERS Anneliese Walsh
FLYERS Georgia Woods
GREEN Layla Boseley
GREEN Phoebe  Boyd
GREEN India Butcher
GREEN Ella Johns
GREEN Morgan Johns
GREEN Piper Knox
GREEN Lizzy McNee
GREEN alannah mioduchowski
GREEN India Ryan
NAVY Caitlin Boode
NAVY Lillian Calnin
NAVY Laura Evans
NAVY Eleanor Maskell
NAVY Holly Nicholson
NAVY Kelsey Rundle
NAVY Julia Ryan
NAVY Lucy Spetch
NAVY Ameliya Taylor
NAVY  Scarlett Hennessy
ROCKETS Madeleine Anglin
ROCKETS Madeline Bashiruddin
ROCKETS Charli Costa
ROCKETS Lucy Emery
ROCKETS Emily Gardyne
ROCKETS Alana Grubisic
ROCKETS Rintje Lona
ROCKETS Amelia Lymer
ROCKETS Allyson O’Donoghue
SAINTS Abby Collier
SAINTS Zoe Manganelli
SAINTS Emerson Mitchell
SAINTS Bridie Peart
SAINTS Emily Perrett
SAINTS Monique Ramsay
SAINTS Tess Russell
SAINTS Courtney Wilkin
STARS Hannah Angelucci
STARS Hilary Beggs
STARS Georgia Douglas
STARS Jemima Hayes
STARS Maddison Lamont
STARS Sophie Mc Keegan
STARS Kate Scott
STARS Bridget Slater
STARS Adele Slater
WHITE India Butcher
WHITE Hannah Cook
WHITE Maddison Johnson
WHITE Chloe Russell
WHITE Ella Stanford
WHITE Paris Stokes
WHITE Grace Wright-Janocha
WHITE  Madeline Collins