Announcing SMSC 13U Junior Netball 2017

Please find below the 2017 13 U team listing.  Teams are listed alphabetically and will be graded according to grading rounds and 2016 results. Emails will be sent to all teams with details of training and calling for volunteers to support coaching and team managers.  If you have any concerns please email  

TEAM First Name Last Name
 DIV 1 Zoe Dixon
 DIV 1 Isabelle Grapsas
 DIV 1 Isabella Marles
 DIV 1 Hayley Peck
 DIV 1 Grace Purcell
 DIV 1 Greta Thiele
 DIV 1 Eliza Thiele
 DIV 1 Anna Ward
 DIV 1 Tamara Watts
 DIV 2 Georgia-Rose Aitken
 DIV 2 Georgie Arnold
 DIV 2 Emily Blood
 DIV 2 Adasha Boxer 
 DIV 2 Hannah FitzGerald
 DIV 2 Chleo Lofts
 DIV 2 Ashleigh Mioduchowski
 DIV 2 Charli Pollard
 DIV 2 Eden  Wilson
BLUE Ella Doyle
BLUE Mia Dunn
BLUE Stella Heffernan
BLUE Katie Keenan
BLUE Cailin  Oseckas
BLUE Amanda Perrett
BLUE Bridget Weir
BLUE Ava Wharton
FLYERS Thea Boekel
FLYERS Nyal Chan
FLYERS Ella Howard
FLYERS Jewelea Mc Keekin
FLYERS Anna Nivarovich
FLYERS Lily  Pittman-Jones
FLYERS Coco  Sammut 
GREEN Dani Budge
GREEN Anna Callan
GREEN Sarah Cole
GREEN Mikayla Gilligan
GREEN Harriet Maskell
GREEN Sophie Ross
GREEN Georgia Royce
GREEN Tiana Smith
GREEN Lucy Webb
SAINTS Xenia Allen
SAINTS Taylor Anderson
SAINTS Lulu Di Sciascio
SAINTS Emily Fellner
SAINTS Bridget Schroeder
SAINTS Bella Shalders
SAINTS Charlotte Talbot
SAINTS Milla Wilson
STARS Reagan Ahearn
STARS Abby Costa
STARS Meg Henderson
STARS Anna Keogh
STARS Emma King
STARS Laura Lochrie
STARS Maggie McKeegan
STARS Georgina McLeish
STARS Lucy Worsley