Prison Experience – Mental Health Awareness Week

On Tuesday 11th July 2017 25 St Mary’s Players went to Margoneet Corrections Facility, a medium security on the outskirts of Lara. Seven inmates with variety of crimes including murder, commercial drug trafficking and manufacturing, attempted murder and burglary were introduced and involved with the players in a Q & A. All prisoners were deeply remorseful of the decisions they had made, and urged the kids to not fall into the same trap. There was a common link with all the prisoners – Illegal drugs – Party Drugs, Ice, Speed etc. Key lessons the prisoners noted: Listen to your parents, seek help/advice from friends/family and professional help, drugs ruin lives, its fine to make mistakes – but ensure their only small ones.

 A few of the comments from our players who attended –

Harry Ling – ‘All the 8 prisoners were very unique with very different backgrounds. They gave us insight into the life of a prison inmate, whilst educating us to make the right decisions due to the impact their decisions have had on their own lives, along with their family and friends’

Mitch Lay – ‘ Great insight into the prisoners and what its like to be locked up’

Patrick Brice – ‘Great experience! Was great to see living proof of the consequences arising from illegal drug activity’

Amy Butterworth – ‘It was an amazing experience to be a part of. I’ve always wanted to see what it was like behind those gates!’

Kayla Biggs – ‘Great to see how important making the right decisions is, and how those decisions can impact you later in life’

Zac Zula – ‘Great day. The prisoners reflected on their mistakes, noting to love and trust those that are close to you, especially your parents. They are only trying to help you become a better person’

Harriet Rowe – ‘Once in a lifetime experience. It was a great opportunity to gain an insight into how the small choices in life can affect you and those close to you.’

 Bridget Dowling – ‘Really positive, beneficial and interesting experience learning from the stories of the prisoners – once in a lifetime experience’