We have had a fantastic year as a club and to have 8 teams playing in the last week is a enormous effort.

Our thanks goes out to all the players, parents, co-ordintors, team managers, coaches, trainers, water carriers and everyone who has made this happen.

We are hoping to see blue and green flooding the netball courts and GMHBA stadium for the following grand finals this Saturday –


  • 9.10am 15/U Div 2 St Mary’s V South Barwon
  • 10.25am 17/U Div 1 Colac V St Mary’s
  • 11.40am C Grade South Barwon V St Mary’s
  • 11.40am 17/U Div 2 South Barwon V St Mary’s
  • 1.00pm B Grade Newtown V St Mary’s
  • 1.00pm 19/U St Mary’s V Newtown


  • 9.15am Under 19 Div 1 St Mary’s V St Joseph’s
  • 2.10pm Seniors Colac V St Mary’s

St Mary’s are in the Hickey Stand Rooms (River end)