Read the Play – Free online mental health training

The Read the Play team have created two online courses around youth mental health to equip club officials and parents with the tools to support young people with their mental health.

The online courses have been developed with sporting clubs and parents in mind but are open to anyone and are free to complete.

Read the Play Manager Michael Parker said the free online training came about because of the restrictions stemming from coronavirus, but will allow greater accessibility going forward.

“We’ve managed to develop this online training so they can get the tools and tips around how to best support their young members, and do it all from the comfort of their own home,” Parker said.

“It’ll also make life easier in the years to come, with all training to be online for player wellbeing officers. We’re aware these volunteers are already pulled left, right and centre to a number of things, so hopefully it makes it a bit easier to access.”

“The core mission of the training is always the same, in that it equips the player wellbeing officers with the signs and symptoms of mental illness, where to send a player for help if they need referral points and how to open up a conversation with a young person around their mental health or wellbeing,” he said.

“While the main aim is sporting clubs, through the COVID period we’ve had a real surge in requests from parents in general, so that’s why we’ve also developed the parent online module training,” Parker said.

“It’s similar to the player wellbeing officer training, but an online, free and interactive program that supports parents being able to have those conversations and better understand the signs and symptoms if they think their young person is struggling.”

Click here to access the online training