New Series of Weekly Draws to begin Jan 8, 2021

Thank you to all those who have supported our Weekly Raffle Fundraiser in what has been trying times during the COVID period. This Friday 27th November is the last draw for the series and will be a $1,000 Draw.
All those who have purchased tickets are invited to the club for free drinks from 6pm to watch the final draw live.

After the success of the first series of the raffle, we are going to have a break and start the new raffle series of 13 weeks on the second Friday in January, which is January 8.

Anyone who has a current ticket and wants to remain in the draw please email or phone him on 0457 507 202. Anyone who did not have a ticket and would like one, please contact Kevin or any other board member or email with your interest to We are hoping to again sell 100 tickets with all your support.

We have tried to have a bit of fun with the weekly draws to entertain during COVID and a big thank you to Marty Christensen, Matty Williams and Sean Blood for sacrificing their Friday afternoons and nights to come up with something different each week. Thanks also to other areas of the club that also contributed.