Tackle your feelings

St Marys are excited to announce that we’ve partnered with Leisure Networks and the Tackle Your Feelings Australia (TYF) mental health program in 2021.

Tackle Your Feelings is a program delivered by a psychologist, which aims to provide community coaches with the tools to understand, recognise and manage their response to signs of mental health in their players.

Whilst initially football specific through the AFL and VFL, we are extending the program to invite all netball coaches and leaders to participate also. The program was inspired by a mental health education developed for AFL professional coaches and players, consisting of a face-to-face presentation from a psychologist and additional online learning.

Coaches, support staff and club leaders should now register themselves via the Tackle Your Feelings website (or via CoachAFL for footy coaches after completing the Four Quarters of Mental Health Awareness module) and book into our club workshop scheduled for Monday 10th May 2021. The session will be held at St Mary’s Clubrooms from 6.30pm.

If anyone has any questions about the program please contact Kevin McMahon on 0457 507 202 or kevin_mcmahon@worksafe.vic.gov.au.

Book in here https://www.tackleyourfeelings.org.au/
Make an account if required and then select “workshops” and then select Victoria, scroll through and choose Leisure Networks and then select the St Mary’s session.