Wine Drive 2021

As part of our development program, St Mary’s supports an annual overseas cultural exchange trip for our 16 and 17 year olds. In the past, the netballers have gone to Fiji one year and the footballers to South Africa the next year. 

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 we were unable to complete this year’s trip to South Africa or the netball to Fiji in 2020. A group of parents, with support from the club and the AFL, are in the process of planning a 10 day trip to Darwin in December 2021 (COVID dependant) for the group of boys who were scheduled to go to South Africa.

Unlike other years where we have hosted the “Big Night Out” fundraiser and a host of other activities, the group has had a limited ability to raise funds.

A wine drive has been organised with our club sponsor Jack Rabbit in order to raise some funds towards the trip. It would be fantastic if you could all support this like you have done in previous years . It is also an opportunity to get a great bargain for wine packages.

To order please use the link below and return your complete form to Kevin McMahon or Simon Hill, details below

The Darwin trip committee are also looking for sponsors (clothing, jumper apparel etc. or player sponsor). If you are interested please send through an email to 0457 507 202 or Simon Hill who can help arrange a package for you. If trip does not go ahead due to COVID-19 all sponsorship money will be reimbursed.