PLAYER Registrations Open

The season is fast approaching and it’s time to get league registered for season 2022. If we can get players registered, it will help us with player numbers and sorting out how many teams in each age group. Our club membership payments will be open soon and details will be advised.


The league is using a new platform called Play HQ so you will notice it is a bit different. Using the link below, you will be prompted to either make a new Play HQ account or login (if already hold a current Play HQ account via Auskick or with another sport, basketball, cricket etc).

When making your Play HQ account, If you use the the email address that was used previously in Sports TG, once you login in , you should see your name or the names of the players associated to your profile.

Once you select a player to register and enter their Name, DOB and gender, the system should recognise the player record and ask you to “claim the profile”. You can then continue through the system and complete the registration.

Claiming your profile means your footy stats will be linked and come across to the new system.

If you have any trouble please contact and we contact you and assist.

St Mary’s Registration Link –…/st-marys-afl…/baaa49db/register

New players and players needing clearances can find more information on our webpage



There is a new system “Netball Connect” so everyone will need to make a new user account (unless you already have one from summer comp). There is no transfer of records from My Netball.

Instructions for registering to Netball Connect

Netball Clearances

If you have previously played netball for another club, your first step is to complete a clearance form.  All players coming to St Mary’s Sporting Club that played in another GFL club or BFL as their last club MUST complete the AFL Barwon Clearance form. Email your clearance to email to and it will be submitted.  You will be advised of the outcome via email.