Play AFL App is live !

It’s finally here!

The Play AFL App is now available to download from the Apple Store and Google Play! The App has been designed to be the official companion for all community footy fans; housing fixtures, ladders, results, and statistics of their favourite players and teams using PlayHQ.

To find our club search – ‘St Marys AFL Barwon’ and then you locate your team and mark as a favourite.

You can download the app as below

Download – Apple App Store: [](…/id6449444200__;!!MoAtgck…)

Download – Google Play Store: […](!!MoAtgck!cKZj4FNxLa-esDyuvQqllOOvJqbeWjkJvitW72_YC7vcCa3FbwCZUO3yDeXK167yurC__ZLX3ZYG7oOrZws09fZjLKxWr8w1%24)

Read more in FAQs here: […/17946682477209-PlayAFL-FAQ-s](…/17946682477209-PlayAFL-FAQ-s)