Girls footy training

Great to see the girls football at St.Mary’s is still gaining great interest. We are continuing the next 2 weeks with some skills training on a Friday night at 5.00pm and on Sunday at 9.00am. This Sunday, Feb 19,  due to the Australian cricket being played at Simonds we have changed to Saturday morning. So next 4 training sessions will be:
Friday 17 Feb 5.00pm at St.Mary’s
Saturday 18 Feb 9.00am at St.Mary’s
Friday 24 Feb 5.00pm at St.Mary’s
Sunday 25 Feb 9.00am at St.Mary’s
We are still working through what night will suit training during the season as we know a number of girls have other commitments. We understand a lot of clashes so don’t be concerned about not getting to training as all girls interested will be given a game.

Any girls who currently don’t have a football and would like access to a football to practice at home with mum, dad, brothers or sisters- please let me know and we can arrange to lend you a ball.

Please put on facebook for all your friends to come along to training, as we can assure you it is going to be heaps of fun and learning this year at St Mary’s with our girls football.

Our order goes in next week for our new girls designed jumpers and we have purchased a number of new footballs and equipment getting ready for the season ahead.

Anyone who has any questions in relation to the program please make contact via an email to    or call him on 0457 507 202.