2017 Junior Netball May Update

Well the season is well and truly underway.  We have had a successful start across most areas of the Junior netball program.  In total we have 26 Junior Netball teams and plenty of volunteer coaches and team managers to support us to deliver the program.

Has finished for our Friday night teams and will finish shortly for our 11U Tuesday night teams. 

Weekly Fixtures
If you are looking for fixtures you will find them http://my.netball.com.au/common/pages/public/rv/draw.aspx   Select the age group grading and then look up the team.  Once grading is finalised we will be able to advise the divisions and this will make locating the teams easier. 

11U & 13U – 4-5pm
15U & 17U – 5-6pm

Girls must be ready to commence training at their designated time.  If players unable to make training you must contact the coaches as early as possible, prior to the session is essential where possible. It is very important that ALL players attend training – this is a compulsory element of player development and a committment that is part of the Club Membership. 

Players should arrive at the games at the agreed time and must commit to playing weekly.  If unable to play please notify coaches and or team managers ASAP.

Season outline
Please note the highlighted dates are during school holidays.  If you cannot participate please let your coaches know ASAP. 

Friday Night Dates  
31/03/2017 (Friday Before SH start) Round 1
7/04/2017 (School Holidays) Round 2
14/04/2017 (Good Friday Bye)  
21/04/2017 Round 3
28/04/2017 Round 4
5/05/2017 Round 5
12/05/2017 Round 6
19/05/2017 (Cats Home Game Bye)  
26/05/2017 Round 7
2/06/2017 (Cats Home Game Bye)  
9/06/2017 Round 8
16/06/2017 Round 9
23/06/2017 Round 10
30/06/2017 Round 11
7/07/2017 (School Holidays) BYE
14/07/2017 (School Holidays) Round 12
21/07/2017 Round 13
28/07/2017 Round 14
4/08/2017 (Cats Home Game Bye)  
11/08/2017 Round 15
18/08/2017 Round 16
25/08/2017 Semi Finals
1/09/2017 Prelim Finals
8/09/2017 Grand Finals
Tuesday night Dates    
4/04/2017 (School Holidays)    
11/04/2017 (School Holidays) Round 1  
18/04/2017 Round 2  
25/04/2017 (ANZAC Day)    
2/05/2017 Round 3  
9/05/2017 Round 4  
16/05/2017 Round 5  
23/05/2017 Round 6  
30/05/2017 Round 7  
6/06/2017 Round 8  
13/06/2017 Round 9  
20/06/2017 Round 10  
27/06/2017 BYE  
4/07/2017 (School Holidays) BYE  
11/07/2017 (School Holidays) Round 12  
18/07/2017 Round 13  
25/07/2017 Round 14  
1/08/2017 Round 15  
8/08/2017 Round 16  

Meet Katrina (Trine)

This year we welcome Katrina Daws to our coaching team.  She will we our 11/U and 13/U skills coach and in our coach the coach development role.  Our aim is to provide a quality program to all players and a supportive environment for our coaches and volunteers. 
Meet Courtney

This year we welcome Courtney Mc Laughlin to our coaching team.  She will we our skills coach and in our coach the coach development role.  Our aim is to provide a quality program to all players and a supportive environment for our coaches and volunteers.

Knee Program
Knees and ankles are the most commonly injured body parts of netballers and most of these injuries occur when landing. In particular injury to one of the major stabilisers of the knee, the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL), is a common problem, annually representing approximately 25% of serious injuries (Netball Australia National Insurance Data).

Knowing all too well the devastation created by serious knee injuries, Netball Australia’s KNEE Program is designed to prevent them occurring. SMSC is implementing this program thorugh all grades as of this season.  To find ut more about Netball Australia’s Knee program please read the website.

We will use the Club website, Facebook St Mary’s Sporting Club and SMSC Junior Netball Closed Group, Club newsletter, direct email and SMS to communicate with you.  Please ensure your details are up to date. 
GCNA Clubrooms
We have hired the GCNA club rooms for all players to use each Thursday night and at home games on Saturday. This provides use of amenities in a safer environment.  This comes at a significant cost to the Club and we have committed to leave the venue in a clean state at the end of use.   This is part of the agreement and if we cannot comply we may not have use of this facility.
Please keep this space clean and tidy.  We are required to clean up after every use. 
Playing attire

  • Nails must be short and will be checked weekly.  Players are unable to play with taped ears or nails. 
  • White sock must be worn (not black)
  • Shorts under dresses must be shorter than the dress length.  Shorts can be navy, black or St Mary’s shorts.  No multi coloured or patterned shorts may be worn.
  • Uniforms can be purchased at the Clubrooms from 4:30-6pm each Thursday night (Not through the holidays)

GFL and Netball Geelong Junior netball is a winter sport.  Assume we are playing a game and training will be taking place unless you are advised otherwise.  In most cases teams will train and play, unless it is deemed unsafe to do so.  We are unable to cancel training prior to 15 minutes before the start of the training 3:45 pm and teams will train if there is light rain.   
We have no say for game nights this is decided by AFL Barwon.  It is not uncommon for games to commence before the round is called off. When we are advised we will advise you.  If training or a game is cancelled you will be notified via a text message from your coach/team manager and we will make a post on the website, Twitter and Facebook page.  
Player/Parent/Supporter Code of Conduct
Respect for your own team mates, the other team, coaches and umpires is essential.  To this end the Club has a Player/Parent/Supporter Code of Conduct.   Please ensure you read and understand your committment.

  1. Participate because you enjoy it, not just to please parents and coaches
  2. Play by the rules
    • Know the rules
  3. Participate fairly and safely
  4. Abide by decisions, without argument or bad temper
    • Captains have the right to approach an umpire during an interval or after the game for clarification of any rule
    • Approach the umpire in a courteous and polite way
  5. Co-operate with your coach, and other players
    • Verbal abuse of officials or other players, deliberately fouling or provoking an opponent and throwing/ damaging equipment is not acceptable or permitted
    • Treat all players as you would like to be treated
    • Ensure that at all times your behaviour is fair
    • Be a patient and enthusiastic supporter of fellow players
  6. Applaud all good play, by your own team and opponents
  7. Be a responsible team member
    • Always be on time
    • Encourage and assist all players
    • Attend all training sessions
    • Ensure you always bring the appropriate uniform and equipment to training and/ or matches
  8. Do not engage in practices that affect sporting performance (alcohol, tobacco and drug use)
  9. Respect and acknowledge the contribution of those who create the opportunity for you to play
    • Volunteers (scorers, coaches, timekeepers, administrators and umpires)
  10. Abide by the AFL Barwon Cyber Safety Policy and the SMSC Social Media Police

Our Commitment
Our aim is to provide a fun, safe and inclusive environment for all players to develop in.  To ensure we can deliver this to ALL members and players we required a strong commitment to the team, Club and to the volunteers that make this all happen on a weekly basis. 
Our aim is to build a unified, supportive Club so we expect all players to support all St Mary’s teams and support any volunteer activity or fundraising initiative that the Club offers. As part of this commitment is required that all parents and players and officials abide by Netball Australia General and cohort specific Code of Conduct

Playing time in ALL of our teams is based on player development and also at the coaches discretion.  The best team on the day is put on the court.  We will endeavour to get every player a minimum of ½ a game each but this is not always possible. 
Player Committment
Your commitment includes behaving respectfully to coaches, team manager, club officials, team mates, players of opposition teams and umpires. 

All player are required to train weekly.   If you are unable to train you must notify your coach/es.  You also must not expect to start on the court if you have not trained.
Netball Victoria code of conduct for junior players is outlined below.  Players of SMSC are agreeing to following terms by taking up their position.

Please note:

  • Coaches, Team Managers, Parents and players should not approach the umpire during or after netball.  The only person who is able to approach an umpire is the team captain.  
  • Every team is expected to have a person wearing the yellow hi-vis vest that is responsible for the first aid for the team.  In most cases this will be the team manager.  
  • All parents are required to be rostered on for scoring and oranges/snakes if the team decides to do this. 
  • No parents can sit inside the coaching box during a game.  This is a AFL Barwon rule and we must comply
  • Parents must approach the team manager if there are any issues.  Please do not approach the coach during training or the before, during or after the game. 

Social Media Policy
AFL Barwon have a Cyber Safety Policy that we as a club adhere to.   No offensive, demeaning or derogative social media posts will be tolerated on any level.  Players may be asked to sit out for one or more weeks should any instance of this occur.  Should the instance warrant further action the player will be asked to speak to the SMSC board and a decision on penalty agreed, up to and including full suspension. 
Please remember we are all volunteers.  We will willingly consider all advice or suggestions and we are all here for the benefit of our players and their development. 

Do not hesitate to ask any questions you have in person or via email and text work well, as Thursday night at training is quite busy.  
We want the players to enjoy their season of netball and hope you will support our volunteers.
Go Saints!!! 

Fiona Greig
Junior Netball Coordinator