Netball and Football Finals this weekend Sat 15 September

What a great year we have had. Our Senior and Reserve Senior Football teams and 2 of our Saturday netball teams are straight through to the  Grand final next weekend.

The Saturday we have 7 netball teams competing in finals and also our Under 19 boys football. We wish them all the best of luck. It would be great to see our club members decked out in the blue and green showing their support.


  • 8.30am 13/U Div 2 St Mary’s V Colac
  • 9.30am 15/U Div 1 Leopold V St Mary’s
  • 9.30am 15/U Div 2 St Mary’s V South Barwon 
  • 10.30am 17/U Div 1 St Mary’s V Colac
  • 11.30am C Grade St Josephs V St Mary’s
  • 12.30pm B Grade St Mary’s V South Barwon
  • 1.30pm E Grade St Mary’s V St Josephs


  • 9.45am Under 19’s Colac V St Mary’s