Room Redevelopment Progress

The redevelopment of the St Mary’s Clubrooms “The Don Mathieson Pavilion” is really ramping up and taking shape, completion of the rooms is still planned for the first week in April 2020.

As with all projects of this size there has been a lot of work done to tweak the plans and mostly all have been agreed upon.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have contributed to the changes to ensure we have the best possible facilities we can.

Whilst all key components are finalised we are still working on a few minor changes in areas that we as a club are coordinating ourselves

  • Kitchen fit out
  • Bar fit out
  • Trophy cabinet design
  • AV system – We are very excited about the fantastic system we are putting in place that will allow us a lot more functionality.

We have also been given approval from COGG to add more storage room on at the north end of building expanding on the current area we have with netball and football storage. So with approval completed, getting this done will be subject to final budget $’s we have.
We are also going ahead with rendering the existing change rooms to ensure the look is similar to new rooms. We just finalised negotiations on this and got a great outcome. This will really give the whole facility a fantastic look.  
As we have reiterated to a number of members, St Mary’s has done an enormous amount of work planning and working to fund all of the development work that has taken place over the past few years. The club has had an infrastructure account in place for over 10 years where significant funds have been saved in planning for this development. The club has also been fortunate to receive a $1.1m grant from the Victorian Government, $350,000 from COGG along with fantastic support from Elaine and Tony Costa to raise funds for the project.

The current forecast is the club will face a shortfall in total funds, we will get a clearer picture of the amount by the end of Feb. To minimise the loan the club will need to take out to fund the project, we have set up a page with the Australian Sports Foundation where all funds donated are tax deductible for individuals and companies.

If anyone would like any information about the development or help with a donation option (e.g. weekly deduction) or other support please contact Kevin McMahon on 0457 507 202.

We currently have $45k in donations made up of $15k in donations to site plus $30k donations in equipment that will be used in the new site. A number of others have pledged to donate early in the year. Our target is $200k which would ensure the club carries no debt from what will be the completion of over $3m in development over the past 2 years.

We need your help – This is your opportunity to contribute to a wonderful community asset, and have your donation to development recognised on an honour board within the club listing donors for future generations to see. CLICK HERE to see how you can help the club complete this development. 

CLICK HERE to keep up to date with the room development progress.